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README Before Posting


When asking a question, please provide the following details to help us better troubleshoot your question:

  1. Are you installing on physical servers or virtual machines?
  2. What operating system are you installing Rackspace Private Cloud on top of?
  3. What version of Rackspace Private Cloud are you using?
  4. (Outdated; no longer uses Chef) Post the Chef Environment file you are using by running knife environment show ENVIRONMENT_NAME -Fj on your Chef Server.
  5. Provide a summary of the steps you took to install Rackspace Private Cloud.


Scrub Your Log Files:

When posting your commands and outputs, make sure you are obscuring some key items. While more data is often better than no data, when helping you troubleshoot, there are certain things you just shouldn't post publicly. We suggest not erasing the line completely, but find/replace with X's or random data the following types of data

  • Auth tokens (often posted in plain-text in your command line and output logs)
  • REAL public IP addresses (probably a good idea to X out the last two octets)
  • Usernames and Passwords (make sure to replace these with garbage, but for conversation purposes remember to translate our responses, where we mention the fake names, to the real names)