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No support for Xen hypervisor?

No support for Xen hypervisor?
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  • [quote="aquacloud":3irp91x9]
    I'm confused by this. The openstack docs clearly indicate that other hypervisors, including xen, work with openstack. This
    must just mean that alamo doesn't yet support any others? Are there plans to support xen, at least?

    "Uou are correct that Alamo doesn't support other hypervisors. Openstack supports other hypervisors (in various degrees of feature parity), but we don't currently plan to support other hypervisors in Alamo."

    As coolj stated, Rackspace Private Cloud supports KVM. Let's expand on that comment for a moment, shall we? It is important to understand the difference between OpenStack as a framework, and Rackspace Private Cloud as a Product with enterprise-grade Fanatical Support.

    While the open framework of OpenStack does indeed include support for MANY various operations, it is not a product in itself. What makes a 'product'? In most general definitions, a product is a collection of set rules and solid supportable solutions released as a package offering.

    To give our the best outcome (our Fanatical Support), a clear line is cemented in the sand between all of the possible choices OpenStack provides, and what Rackspace knows will deliver that fanatical outcome. Providing an architecture and set of 'known good' configurations allows our Support Teams to specialize in key areas of said offering(s). The intent is to give customers the most solid outcome for their deployment support. While this may not always fit every customer's needs, we strive to provide the best in-class support for the majority.

    This article, in an interview with the Director of Cloud Compute Engineering at Rackspace Troy Toman, states that they use XEN with OpenStack. Then this Rackspace article:
    Says it's not supported.
    XEN clearly has the advantage as a hypervisor, especially now that the full, enterprise version is open source.

    Our Public Cloud was created prior to OpenStack and uses Xen as the hypervisor; there is no way to quickly transition everyone to KVM even though our Public Cloud is now running on OpenStack. Our OpenStack powered Private Cloud currently supports KVM. However, we are looking to provide support in the future for other hypervisors.[/quote:3irp91x9]

    Correct, as Ken pointed out, Troy was speaking to our Public Cloud offering; not our Private Cloud offering, which runs KVM. As far as the article talking about supported and not-supported, see my comment above on the difference between OpenStack as a framework, and Rackspace's offerings as products.

    If you can give us a better idea of why XEN is important to you in our private cloud product, and what capabilities we might be able to deliver in the future, I will make sure that feedback makes it to our product team. Our development model and the products we have in the market is based on what our customers are asking for so this feedback is important!

    Here are some relevant blogs: ... d-is-open/ ... ta-center/
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