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How to back up a virtual appliance in Rackspace Public Cloud


When you attempt to back up a virtual appliance (Such as HugeCo WidgetDefender), the mycloud portal displays a message "Imaging is not the preferred way to back up this appliance".


Turnkey virtual appliances typically do not support decloning. Thus, while an image will technically preserve the exact state of the appliance, any servers built from the image will not be able to set the following:

  • Hostname
  • IP configuration
  • Admin password
  • License key

Thus, servers built from image will only be accessible via the Emergency Console and may require extensive manual configuration before they can be used.

Recommended Workaround

Consult the vendor documentation for your virtual appliance's recommended backup and restore strategy:

  • HugeCo WidgetDefender (link)
  • NetSomething PacketSpiller (link)
  • MySisyphus WebRoller (link)