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Rackspace is the tenant of my Office365 for and and I also have a CloudServer account but have not created any server jet.   My domain registrar is Network Solution Incorporated. They are currently the DNS server.

I will like to have more control of DNS.  I am tire of NSI cumbersome process to make adjustments added to that they always trying to trick you into buying unproductive services.  I will like to have  the CloudDNS but I do not want to transfer the domain names to Rackspace. I see that Rackspace Office365 offers an option for $5 a month to offer a domain server. But also at the Rackspace CloudServer offers a CloudDNS service.

I will like to use the CloudDNS since I have plans to create the cloud server soon but I do not want to wait to this date to take managment control of the DNS.  Can I have a CloudDNS even though I do not have a cloud server running?