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SSL certificates with multiple domains

Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding SSL certificates. I know something similar is possible using the CNAME (A-record) and a wildcard SSL certificate but that only works with different references on the A-record i.e. www, ftp, webmail etc however our current set up is this:

8 different customers, 8 different domains, 8 different SSL certificates, 8 copies of the SAME system, 8 different databases

So obviously we'd like to move this to:

8 different customers, 8 different domains, 1 SSL certificate, 1 copy of the system, 8 different databases

The key being that all 8 domains will point to the same IP address of our web server, and by detecting the HTTP Referrer detect where the user has come from and give them the necessary connection string in web.config for their database. Now is it possible to secure all domains (as there is only one system to secure) using a single SSL certificate based on IP address rather than domain name? Sorry SSL isn't my strong point but was just wondering if this is feasible - or would we have to purchace 8 SSL certificates again (we can't export our current SSL certificates so it will have to be a new registration).

Any advice appreciated!


  • I don't have paid SSL certificate on my website. Is it harmful to my website? If yes then tell me that how much it will cost to get an SSL certificate for my Yahoo Support website? I have shared my website link. If possible then view just once and tell me the cost of SSL certificate.

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