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Accepted invitations in Outlook not recognized by iPhone

I have a user that has Outlook 2010, we are on MSEX 07; they have an iPhone 4 using ActiveSync. When they get an invite, they accept it in Outlook but notice that it doesn't show accepted on their iPhone. So, if they accept it on their iPhone, the organizer emails them that they have accepted twice. If they ignore the invite on the iPhone, the appointment doesn't appear on the mobile calendar. I have another user with an HTC EVO 4G Android that claims this happens to him intermittently. No issues reported from BlackBerry users.

  • Hello,

    I also use Exchange 07 with an Iphone 4 and Active Sync and the way it works for me is when I accept an invite via Outlook or Outlook Web Access it does show up on my calender but, if I click on the event it gives 3 options at the bottom of the invite info....Accept, Maybe, and Decline. That doesn't mean it hasnt been accepted. The same thing displays when I click on event on the phone after I have accepted that invite from the device itself.

    If you're user says it isn't showing up period on the Iphone calendar when an event is accepted through Outlook then we would need to test that out here on our end to see if we can replicate. To ensure the quickest response, please open up a ticket on the issue (I would but I can not see what your account number is) from your Rackspace Portal. Please include the Iphone user that is being affected by this and let us know if you can temporarily change his password so we can test, if so,let us know what that changed temp password is. It would be best to include this conversation in the ticket.

    Thank you!

  • Outlook app is constantly crashing on my iPhone 7 upon updating to iOS 11.4 this morning. Any idea how to fix it?

    Update: After uninstall and reinstallation the app has been running fine again.

    Ronny Sharma
    Appvalley Tutuapp Tweakbox