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2 different mobile app projects on 1 server

Hi There, I am new here. I wanted to know the upside and downside of hosting two different mobile applications on a single server. There are two different teams of developers working on each project.

What is the downside of creating 2 users on  a server for two apps? Is there any way, I can limit access of users to certain folders only?

In case I need to scale up the server, will both the apps enjoy the scaling?

  • Hi there!

    You can definitely create different users on a server and limit their permissions to certain files and folders.  If you are using Linux you might want to look into doing a SFTP chroot to handle this.  Doing that, would allow each user to only have access to the files/folders that they are chrooted to, they won't be able to view anything else on the server.

    The major downside that I can see with hosting different applications on the same server is that they will be sharing resources.  If they are on the same server, you won't be able to allocate specific resources to each application.  This could cause you to see performance issues if one application requires more resources. 

    For the scaling of the server, I would always recommend having a "seed configuration".  The seed config is a Cloud Load Balancer, a Cloud Server for the web tier, and either a Cloud Database, or another Cloud Server, for the MySQL layer. The load balancer allows for multiple replicated web nodes to be added during scale-up, and replication will allow for the data tier to expand as well. Even if you don’t expect to scale right now, simply having the seed configuration in place will facilitate scaling at a much faster pace than without.

    Having that type of configuration in place, before you think you are going to need to scale, is beneficial in the sense that when you do have to scale it will be MUCH easier and quicker.

    Let me know if this helps answer your questions.  If you have any follow up questions please do not hesitate to ask!


    Alison Oster
    Technical Community Manager

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