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Email Alias - To, Cc, & Bcc

Okay Rackspace Community. We have situations within our organization where we need to include an email address (alias perhaps) in the Cc: field so other recipients in the conversation are aware (via such visibility) the he/she is included. But, we don't want our external recipients (customers) to be able to send mail directly To: that email (alias). How do we set such a thing up?

I've just been including a fake address and including the recipient's actually address in the Bcc: field. Which is mostly effective, internal recipients have the visibility, know inquiry placed, etc., then just delete the undeliverable message which comes immediately. But, on occasion an external, an external party (customer) will Reply All. So, now I'm having to deal with that issue. i.e. them reporting...hey, I replied all, but received an Undeliverable for [recipient address].

A working example as follows:

A customer inquiries about  the status of an item, in our case a job, because we are a manufacturer. We work in teams. I'm the sales ***. But each account is assigned a Project Manager as well. When either PM or I reply, we need to include "". Customer knows inquiry escalated. I know. PM knows. Party inquiry being escalated to knows who all is involved, etc.

But, we don't want customers approaching this other party involved directly.

Am I overthinking this? Please chime in if you have a resolution.