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Using Directory Sync with Hosted Exchange causes account lockouts when the users password has changed

I have opened a few tickets about this with Rackspace support and they haven't been able to give me a solution thus far. So i have a typical Microsoft AD environment and i am syncing the passwords of the AD users with their email account with directory sync. This works great but has a major flaw that causes me a lot of headaches.

So the problem is whenever a user changes their password, if they have outlook or skype open on any computer or have a phone synced, they are immediately locked out of their email account. Rackspace tells me it's because outlook immediately starts trying the old saved password and locks out the account. You can unlock the account and less than a minute later its locked again.

To solve this you have to log into all computers they run outlook on, close it, close their skype, empty the credential manager, unlock the account and open outlook and use the new password computer by computer.

I have tried disabling the credential manager service but this did nothing, it seems like the credential manager is still keeping track of the passwords even though the service is stopped. I tried this for months and many password resets hoping it would resolve but it was still a problem.

So now i'm here, asking for anyone's help that may wish to provide it, i welcome any advice, thank you.

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