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Problem sending Emails?

Hello guyzzz...I am new to this forum. I have come to this forum through google search and find interesting which leads me to signing up to this forum.

My boss is facing problem sending messages using business email from their android phone. It's a very rare case where the client successfully received mails but most of times when my boss check "Sent Mail" after sending mail it shows nothing. when he send mail, in Outbox it shows "Failed". Please see below screenshot, where my boss is trying to send mail to me.


When my boss send mails at home using their jio sim (mobile data), mails are not send but when he send mails using the office wifi mails are send everytime (No chance of message failed). However, mails are received successfully regardless of using any kind of network connection.

So please any help me out of this strange problem. Please ask for more info if required...