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IP address keeps getting listed on Spamcop, reseller not helping...

I use Rackspace email for my personal email. I've been hosting here for more than 5 years happily. I get my email hosting through a 3rd party reseller, not directly through Rackspace. The past few months, my IP address continues to be added to the Spamcop blacklist over and over again. I've never had this problem before. My email content consists mostly of emailing friends, family and fellow boy scout leaders. I am NOT using it for business, and certainly not emailing people I do not know.

I have continually tried to get support from my reseller, but they have pretty much ignored me. I cannot continue with all my emails bouncing from the people I'm trying to contact. Can I get support directly from Rackspace? Is there any way they can actually fix this? I'm on the precipice of finding a new host.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.