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Outlook 2013 Exchange Server delay - Updating folders is very slow

Hi all,

Not sure how to create a ticket but I am facing severe delays in syncing my inbox folders.

We've tried deleted the local .ost file, changed even the email profile.

My total inbox on Rackspace is around 700mb only.

My internet connection is fine...

Any ideas?


  • Hey Gtsakanikas, 

         Thanks for reaching out to us to make us aware of your issue. We'd like to look further into your specific issue and I'd to assist you with creating a ticket via your control panel to get us started.

    Here is an informal Rackspace FAQ page that has information on common "How-To" items, one of which is creating a ticket, see below:

    To create a ticket via your Rackspace Control Panel: 

    Log in to your control panel and click the Support menu at the top of the screen. From the menu, select View Tickets. To create a new ticket, click New Ticket and fill out the information describing your request or issue and submit. You can also view a history of your most recent tickets.

    This will allow us to walk you through several steps to ensure your mailbox is syncing correctly, it will also allow you to create a ticket at any time should you need assistance. Thanks for being a valued Rackspace customer, we look forward to speaking to you and assisting.


    Jose Taylor 

    Cloud Office Technician

  • Happy Tuesday!

    Would you happen to know what kind of email address you have such as imap or Exchange and if it is Exchange what server it is on? Also what kind of email client are you using to check your mail? Once we find out your server doing a Tracert to the server will be provide some good information on if your computer is making a good connection to our server.

    Do you also know if anything networking impacting such as a new firewall port or anything like that has changed recently on your side?

    Would you be able to tell me what your sync setting is currently by going to the send / Receive tab and selecting "send / receive groups" and selecting the define send receive groups options. I have seen it where the setting is to perform an automatic one every 1 minute and the scan will never complete so it will be stuck in the receiving setting and the mail will not properly flow into your folders.

    Thanks so much for your time and patience and please let us know if we can do anything else to assist you.