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Export/import calendar items

We recently migrated our rackspace email accounts from one domain to another.  Is there a way to export calendar items from the old account and import them into the new account?  Thx in advance!

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  • After you have exported your occasions, you could import them into Google Calendar.

    Open Google Calendar on a pc. note: you could handiest import from a computer, no longer a cellphone or pill.
    inside the pinnacle proper, click on Settings Settings and then Settings.
    click on Import & Export.
    click on pick out report out of your laptop and choose the file you exported. The document ought to result in "ics" or "csv".
    pick which calendar to add the imported occasions to. by using default, occasions could be imported into your number one calendar.
    click on Import.
    if you're the use of a zipper report, find it in your computer and open it. you will see ICS files for each of your calendars. Take the character files out of the ZIP document, and import each ICS report individually.

    note: Repeating occasions may not show up that way if you import them from a CSV file, however they will be on your calendar as a series of 1-time events.

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