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Export/import calendar items

We recently migrated our rackspace email accounts from one domain to another.  Is there a way to export calendar items from the old account and import them into the new account?  Thx in advance!

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  • Hi ncrbhm!

    Just to confirm, you were migrating from a Rackspace Email (not Exchange) to Rackspace Email, correct? If so, it all depends on where you were managing your calendar items. If you were managing your calendar via a mail client (such as Outlook) that calendar data exists locally on your computer. You can export and import it to the new calendar if you are going to be using the same application for the account you migrated it to. If you were managing the calendar via webmail ( unfortunately there is not a way to migrate it over if you are still going to have 2 separate Rackspace email accounts (one for the old domain and one for the new domain). There might be a way if you contact Cloud Office support to perform a domain rename for the mailbox (if you just need one mailbox and want to rename it to the new domain) but I honestly can't remember if the calendar items are one of the things that will come over or not. Hope that helps!