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Sharing and collaborating in Hosted Skype for Business

When you use Hosted Microsoft Skype for Business at Rackspace, you can use the Sharing feature to share your desktop, whiteboard, or another program. Sharing is a feature of Microsoft Skype for Business Enterprise licensing, which must be enabled for you to access this feature.

Share your desktop or a program

During a meeting in Skype for Business, you can share a specific program or your desktop.

  1. Click the Presentation icon.
  2. In the Presentwindow, perform one of the following actions:
    • To show the entire content of your desktop, click Present Desktop
    • To show a particular program, click Present Program, and then double-click the program that you want to share.
    • To add attachments to the conversation, click Add Attachments.
  3. To share control of your desktop or program with another participant, click Give Control on the sharing toolbar at the top of the window and then select the participant.

    Note: To automatically give access to anyone who requests control of your desktop, click Give Control Automatically. To take control back, click Give Control and then select Take Back Control.
  4. When you finish presenting, click Stop Presenting.

Share a PowerPoint presentation

  1. Click the Presentation icon.
  2. In the Present window, click PowerPoint.
  3. Upload the file to the meeting.
  4. Perform the following actions to control the presentation:
    • To move through the slides, click Thumbnails and click the slide that you want to show, or use the arrows at the bottom of the meeting room window.
    • To see your presenter notes, click Notes.
    • To use highlights, stamps, a laser pointer, and other tools, click the Annotations icon on the upper-right side of the slide to open the toolbar.

Start a group IM conversation

Start an IM conversation with a group by selecting multiple contacts or a contact group from your contact list. You can also turn an existing IM conversation with one person into a group conversation.

  1. Press the Ctrl key and click each contact you want to invite.
  2. Right-click the selection, and then select Send an IM.
  3. Type your message, and then press Enter.
  4. To add audio, click the Phone icon.
  5. To add video, click the Camera icon.
  6. If you are in a single IM conversation and want to add more people, hover your mouse pointer on the People icon and select Invite more people.

Share a whiteboard

A whiteboard is a blank page on which you can type notes, draw diagrams, or download images that all participants can work on.

  1. In the conversation window, hover your mouse pointer on the Presentation icon.
  2. On the Present tab, click Whiteboard.
  3. As needed, use the annotation toolset on the right side of the whiteboard. It includes items such as a highlighter, stamps, a laser pointer, and writing and drawing tools.

Transfer a file

You can send documents to someone via IM.

  1. Double-click a contact’s name to open an IM conversation window.
  2. Use the Add Attachments option in the Presentation menu to attach a file, or drag the file from your computer to the conversation window.

    Skype for Business sends a file transfer invitation to the contact. If the contact accepts the invitation, the file is sent.

    TIP: You can also drag a file onto a contact’s name, which sends a notification.

Take a poll

If you need some quick feedback, you can customize your own poll.

  1. Double-click a contact’s name to open an IM conversation window.
  2. Use the More option in the Presentation menu.
  3. Select Poll.

Have a Q&A

Let people post questions for you or other presenters to answer.

  1. Double-click a contact’s name to open an IM conversation window.
  2. Use the More option in the Presentation menu.
  3. Select Q&A.

For more details about this feature, go to Skype for Business Q&A Manager.

Originally Authored by: Tiffany Mishler