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email to Verizon cell phone issues

Have had linux machines sending occasional email to my verizon cell phone without problems since SliceHost days - on May 13 2014 began to see problems with email to my VZ cell phone - several messages send on May 13 were delivered successfully/promptly but several send on May 13 were not received until Friday May 15 - now nothing from my rack space machine will accepted by VZ - /var/log/maillog shows SMTP message from VZ  "[] refused to talk to me: 554" - url in the error msg appears to be dead.  Call to VZ support has not resolved the probem.  My RackSpace machine's maillog does not indicate any unusual behavior.  Mail from my rackspace machine to other systems (inclucing Gmail) works properly - only Verizon is broken.  Mail to my VZ cell from anything other that my RackSpace machine works properly.  

Has anyone been experiencing anything like this?  Open to any suggestions...


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  • I tested it out on my iPhone and the same thing happened.  When on the cell phone's data it won't download, says my user name and password is not correct. Then as soon as I connect back to wifi it works.  Really, really strange. I conacted Verizon support.  Took me half an hour to explain the above so the person actually understood my problem - she said, they were having problems and would be resolved in two days.  It's been over a week.

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