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Managed Backup Reliable for anyone? Is it worth it?

Right now I have VMware VMs on dedicated hardware hypervisors that are only seeing 20% success rates  (vs their published 99%) on daily backups with  Managed Backup Service.  A very nonchalant response so far from the managed backup team and its manager. I'm not sure my customers whose data it is would be happy to lose 5 days; just a guess.   

Anyway,  are people using this service?   Is it running reliably?     

  • This past weekend Rackspace killed 8 of 11 full backups on me.   This is 3 weeks later after that post.  "Mismanaged Backup Service"  is probably a better label.   I know they had issues in DFW3 but their current approach at resolving is obviously not working.

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