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GoGrid Cloud to Rackspace Public Cloud: How to Migrate Using InstanceSync


GoGrid Cloud is reaching end-of-life (EOL) on May 31st, 2019.


You may be able to migrate your GoGrid Linux servers to Rackspace Public Cloud using InstanceSync. You do not need to stop your GoGrid server to complete the migration.


This process is offered as an unsupported courtesy and is not guaranteed to work for your GoGrid Linux servers.


  • Sign up for a Rackspace Public Cloud account.
  • Login to the portal and create the destination server at Rackspace. If your servers are running an EOL OS (such as Ubuntu 12), contact Rackspace Support to help you build the destination server. Record the public IPv4 address and root password of your new Rackspace Cloud server.
  • If running an EOL OS, you need to change the base repos for your server (both your old GoGrid server and new Rackspace Cloud server). For example, CentOS 5 should be repo baseurl=$basearch . Consult your distribution's documentation for more specifics on this step.
  • Apply all available updates for your OS on both your GoGrid server and your new Rackspace destination server (for example, if you're running Ubuntu 14, don't upgrade to 16 or 18, but do apply all updates to Ubuntu 14).
  • Download InstanceSync onto your GoGrid server and run the script. Watch the screencast for more info about how to run InstanceSync. 
  • Verify operation of your applications on your new Rackspace Cloud server.
  • Make any other needed changes to complete the migration (update DNS records, monitoring, etc).

Which Rackspace SLA Is Right For Me?

The level of service provided at GoGrid aligns more closely with Rackspace's Managed Infrastructure SLA. See this page for more details about the 2 SLAs offered by Rackspace Public Cloud.

Which Rackspace Region Is Right For Me?

Rackspace Public Cloud has 6 regions: 

  • Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW)
  • Chicago (ORD)
  • Northern Virginia (IAD)
  • London (LON)
  • Sydney (SYD)
  • Hong Kong (HKG)

There are 2 account types: Global (which has access to all regions EXCEPT London) and UK (Which has access to LON exclusively). Choose the region and account type that fits best for your application. It is possible to open and link multiple accounts.

Which Rackspace Cloud Flavor is Right For Me?

Technically, any Rackspace Cloud server with enough disk space should work. The disk allocations are slightly smaller in Rackspace Cloud, but if you haven't used all the disk space on your GoGrid cloud server, you should be able to migrate to the same size memory server. If you are using all the disk space on your GoGrid cloud server, choose a larger Rackspace Cloud flavor.

Flavor-to-Flavor Mapping (Standard Servers)

GoGrid Cloud Flavor GoGrid Disk Size GoGrid RAM Rackspace Cloud Flavor Rackspace Disk Size Rackspace RAM Rackspace Cost/HR (MI SLA)
X-Small 25 GB 512 MB Standard 512 MB 20 GB 512 MB $0.03260 
Small 50 GB 1 GB Standard 1 GB 40 GB 1 GB $0.06520 
Medium 100 GB 2 GB Standard 2 GB 80 GB 2 GB $0.13040 
Large 200 GB 4 GB Standard 4 GB 160 GB 4 GB $0.26080
X-Large 400 GB 8 GB Standard 8 GB 320 GB 8 GB $0.52160 
XX-Large 800 GB 16 GB Standard 15 GB 620 GB 15 GB $0.97800
XXX-Large 1,200 GB (1.2TB) 24 GB Standard 30 GB 1.2 TB 30 GB $1.62999

For SSD-based GoGrid flavors, we recommend the Rackspace General Purpose flavor. 

How do I use Cloud Storage in Rackspace Public Cloud?

Rackspace Public Cloud does not offer a file-based solution such as GoGrid's Cloud Storage. Instead, choose Rackspace Cloud Block Storage for a block-based solution.

What Will it Cost for my new Rackspace Public Cloud Servers?

See above for an estimate (prices may vary according to region, image used, and SLA). You can also see pricing sheets for other Rackspace Cloud products (Cloud Load Balancers, Cloud Block Storage, etc)  here.