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VM Webserver or IT router/firewall misconfiguration?

I'm a developer working on a CentOS VM to be used for web hosting in a semi managed hosting situation within Rackspace. I have no control and visibility of configuration outside the VM (no access to dashboard). The responsible IT support staff who barely configured this seem to be MIA. The VM *had* a public IP assigned to it, but the VM has since been joined to our domain. Any poking at "ip addr" in the VM only shows a local lan IP (192.168.x.x) now, no reference to the public IP. It's the only interface up besides loopback. The last communication with MIA IT is that the VM is ready to server web pages. Since attempting to access some test web pages, we are unable to connect to the web server over http, and certainly not request/receive web pages from the internet. This was not the case before the VM was joined to the local domain. I've used tcpdump to test whether http traffic FROM the INTERNET on the public IP is getting through to the VM for the webserver to even respond to. I don't seen any http requests EXCEPT for Rackspace Cloud Monitoring. using:

tcpdump -i any tcp dst port http and not port 22


tcpdump -s 0 -i any -A tcp src port 80

I DO however see pings using both MIND and Rackspace Cloud Monitoring using:

tcpdump -v icmp

I'm trying to think of a situation where this is possible and what the problem could be. Could it just be that the public ip directs traffic to a router/firewall on our local domain network and then back to our cloud VM in Rackspace, but is blocking http but not icmp? Wouldn't this have to be the setup if there's no interface on the VM configured with the public IP?

Thank you for any possible help or hints.