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How to setup a FTP user within Plesk 12

1) Log into Plesk, you will be at Home     
2) Click on > Subscriptions     
3) Using the search on the top right of the subscripts page, search for >  "",  > click on the domain name
4) Click on the tab >     Websites & Domains 
5) Click on > ""
6) Click on > FTP Access
7) Click on > Add New FTP Account
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  • Hi,

    You can use FTP account  to create and manage your website's FTP accounts. FTP allows you to manage your website's files in cpanel.

    To create an FTP account, you need to perform a simple task.

    1. Firstly login to your domain cpanel account. Find out File section and in that FTP accounts. Click over there to create FTP account with Linux.

    2. After entering you first need to set FTP login name and choose the particular domain name for FTP account if you have another domain or subdomain. Generate strong password with the help of Password Generator and set password. While setting password strength of password can be measure through the “strength”.

    3. You can choose different-different directories for different-different domains or subdomains. You can create separate FTP account for any of the directory in cPanel. You can choose FTP account quota with specific figure or simple choose it unlimited. Lastly click on Create FTP account. And your FTP account created successfully.

    4. To access this newly created FTP account. Simply click on the configure FTP client and you will get the username and the password you inserted at the time of creating FTP account.

    Follow this steps and setup FTP account.

    For extra information, you have to click the above-