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Reissuing your Rackspace SSL Certificates

Google has announced that they will soon be sunsetting support for SHA-1 used in certificate signatures for HTTPS. While this algorithm is still secure, Google is trying to gently nudge SSL owners toward using an SHA-2 signed certificate by making changes to the way that encrypted sites are displayed in their popular Chrome browser. Below are some quick instructions on reissuing your Rackspace SSL certificates.  


Go to and sign in using your account credentials

Select the “Network” dropdown, then choose “SSL certificates”

Select the blue domain name for the affected certificate on the “Configured” tab

Select “Reissue” or “Revoke & Replace” on the right-hand side of the screen

NOTE: your certificate will not be automatically revoked - your current certificate will stay valid until the new certificate is placed on the affected device(s)

Click “Submit” to begin the reissue process

NOTE: you may receive an e-mail and/or phone call from Thawte or Symantec ensuring the legitimacy of the reissue request - you must respond to this request to complete the reissue process