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No Internet Data Connection


I have an X12 and everything has been fine...up until a few days ago when it lost data connection unless on wifi. I've tried various APN settings that I've read online but none seem to work. I'm on EE (in the UK)Any ideas?

Please help.

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  • Okay, that looks like you have an issue with your Wireless PCI Card. As far as my knowledge goes, That's what I think is the real issue.  Why don't you try to change the PCI card, Then will see what happens?

    You can buy Wifi cards from an online portal I would recommend you Asus PCE - AC56 or else you can go for TP-Link N900 simply because both of them gives you a high speed: It is operated in the range of 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz band. It delivers amazing speed and thus, it is quite beneficial

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