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Where To Query A Web Service?


Legal issues aside, if you do use a web-service in your app (for any purpose) what is the best/most thoughtful way to incorporate it? Should you have the client issue the web-query (originates from their IP) or should you originate the query from your server? In both cases, should you actively cache query results? Where is the caching more effective?I think there are reasonable answers to these questions that mitigate a lot of concerns. I assume that there is a legal difference between redistributing data which you acquired via a query from your server vs having the same query run from a client machineTechnology blurs some issues: When I buy a translation dictionary and do manual lookups, this looks the same as the technique above that does it automatically. The difference is that the technique above essentially permits me to "share" my "copy" of the dictionary removing the normal assumption that all users will have their own copy. I don't think information is the type of thing that should (in my mind, COULD) be owned but I fear I am in the minority on that position. People want to be paid endlessly, often for things they didn't even themselves accomplish.

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