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How do I replicate a Rackspace managed database into an external server?

We were thinking of moving some of our databases into rackspace managed mysql database.  But our company policy requires that all of our databases need to be replicated real-time into a physical server located within our office premises. Is this possible because it seems that access from outside the rackspace network is heavily restricted? If yes, what is the best possible way to achieve this. ?

  • Hey there -

    While I think you might be able to hack together a mechanism to create the replication you are describing, I don't think it would be very easy, efficient, or advisable. As you mentioned, Cloud Databases are designed only to be used within the Rackspace Cloud environment - they do not connect to the public IP space. 

    However, if you wanted to run your database on a Cloud Server and backup to the on-premises server in real-time, that's definitely doable. One thing to remember is that all of that traffic would be sent over the public internet, and thus would be subject to outgoing bandwidth charges. Additionally, we would strongly recommend using some method of encryption to secure that traffic.

    The other option would be to eliminate the real-time criteria, and run scheduled backups, then migrate those backups to your physical location. 


    Alan Bush
    Technical Community Manager
    Rackspace Cloud

  • I just want to know that if there is any possible way to replicate a Rackspace database into an external server because I don’t want to know how can I make it possible and it would be a great help if somebody would resolve this issue for me. When i Visit different posts of this website then we able to learn a lot of things.