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Export rackspace image for import into openstack.

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Is it possible to export a rackspace image for import into openstack?  I have a server that doesn't really need to run in the cloud and could run on my internal openstack deployment.  I've downloaded the image using the api, but hit some issues when trying to launch a server with the image in openstack.  Are there some gotchas that I should be aware of or is this a dead end?

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  • Hey yossarian,

    Certain images may not be available for export due to licensing or billing restrictions. I would suggest opening a ticket since you are an existing customer as you will more than likely receive a more specific answer in regards to the mentioned potential restrictions. Should you find there are no restrictions regarding the image, we can then look to assist in getting the image into your internal OpenStack deployment.

  • Greetings,

    So, you managed to download an image from Public Cloud and tried to import it to Private Cloud Openstack? I'm not quite sure how you downloaded the image; I always thought we had no method for that, for certain reasons, not technical limitations. But, Public Cloud is ESX (I meant XEN... had a brain fart) and your Private Cloud instance is running KVM. You are most likely running into a cloud-init issue. But, I am only guessing without knowing exactly what image you have and how it looks. If you are going from Private Cloud to Vanilla Openstack, it could still depend on the type of image you are using maybe.

  • I downloaded the image using the api: and then used qemu-img to convert from vhd to qcow2

    This is an Ubuntu image, so licensing shouldn't be a problem.  My issue is that when I boot it drops to an initramfs shell because of the error: 'Alert! /dev/xvda1 does not exist'

    I figure this is due to config differences with the image in rax versus openstack.

  • True, licensing shouldn't be a problem with Ubuntu.

    Private Cloud is still OpenStack though. Shouldn't be any issues related along that path.

    This sounds grubconf related... *thinking*

  • yeah, I'm thinking either grub or fstab.  I'm going to mount the image on server so I can go in and edit those files.

  • Hey yossarian,

    Sounds like fstab issue. If you get to initramfs prompt after seeing the alert, type blkid to get a list of the devices, from which you should be able to determine your root partition. Reboot and at the grub menu press ‘e’ then find the line starting with linux and change root=‘…’ to root=‘/path/to/root/partiion’ and boot. Then make sure you edit fstab to reflect this change once booted. Hope this works/helps.