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OpenStack Liberty with XenServer Setup Guide

  • Hello all,

    I have recently deployed an OpenStack Liberty-based lab environment using XenServer hypervisors. While doing so, I found that most of the online deployment guides only deal with KVM-based hypervisors, and no longer handle XenServer. The guides that do exist are largely out-of-date now, and so building this lab was something of an uphill struggle.

    I have therefore decided to document the process of building out a Liberty/XenServer environment, and the guide has now been placed online here:

    The guide works through the entire process of building out the stack, and later moves on to adding KVM hypervisors to the environment as well. There are also pages which detail the creation of Linux images for both hypervisor types. To keep things simple, the guide currently only deals with "flat" networking, and provides no firewall/security group functionality.

    I hope this guide provides useful to someone (I know my build would have been a lot easier if I'd had this to begin with!). If you do have any feedback, including any suggestions or fixes, please let me know!

    Alex Oughton

  • Nice... so, this is just to virtualize the physical host nodes of the controller(s), compute(s), logging(s), storage(s), etc while making the networking work over the virtual networks?

  • There is a "controller" VM which runs the central services for nova, neutron, glance, cinder and horizon. Another VM is used to simulate a Cinder storage node, and provide block storage. Then each of the XenServers has its "compute" VM which runs nova-compute and neutron-openvswitch. The network traffic actually runs over physical external networks.