Welcome to the New User’s Guide for the Rackspace Community. We have created this to help our community members best utilize the Rackspace Community.

We encourage you to start by reading our Community Guidelines. They outline which activities we want to encourage on our community and which activities we frown upon.

If you see that there is information missing or you have questions about one of the wiki pages, then please leave us a comment in our Community Feedback forum.

Help can be found in the following sections:

1. Joining the Community - How to get signed up, logged in, and start contributing.

2. User Profiles & Personalization - How to interact with your user profile, avatars, and bookmarking.

3. Asking & Answering Questions - The reason you are here.  Learn how to ask and answer questions with other community members.

4. Searching the Community - How to search for content in the forums.

5. Subscribing to Community Content - Subscribing to forums and posts will allow greater oversight on topics that matter to you.

6. Reporting Abuse – How to report abusive behavior or SPAM to the Community moderators.

7. Being Recognized - Learn how your contributions to our community can result in recognition and perks for yourself.