Why join the Community?

Everyone is eligible to join the Rackspace Community. Joining the community is easy and all you need is a valid email address to get started.  By joining the Community you gain the ability to participate in our forums.  Our Community has members from all parts of the Rackspace ecosystem, from employees ("Rackers") to partners, to customers, and other technology enthusiasts.  All connected by a shared interest in Rackspace products and they have be used as solutions to the needs of business.

Note: Rackers should always use their Rackspace email address when joining the Community.

How to Join

1. To get started simply click Join at the top right of your screen.  Already a member?  You can Sign In directly to your Account here.


2. Next enter your desired username, email address and password, and click submit. Usernames will not be authenticated if they have a space in them. For example, "John Smith" will not work but "John_Smith" will pass through the system.


After Sign-up

We take great pride in keeping the Community clean of spam, so it could take some time for you to go through moderation as a new user. Do not worry if your first few posts take some time to show up in the forums, it's just part of our screening process. In the meantime, take a few minutes to review our Community Guidelines, edit your profile, and learn how to engage with the community.