Welcome to the Rackspace Community! Here are some behaviors that we encourage (and discourage) in the Community.

Behaviors we encourage: 

Treat members of the Rackspace Community like “friends and family”

At Rackspace, we have a set of core values that define us as a company and as Rackers. One of these is “treat Rackers like friends and family”. We would like to extend this slice of Rackspace pie to you in our Community. Treat other Community members as friends and family; be polite and helpful, never rude or malicious.

Engage in the community

Our Community offers a medium to connect and interact with individuals globally. Using the Community, you can connect with other technophiles, gather advice, share insight, ask questions, or share code snippets. We want you to engage in our Community as much as possible and help us make it a better place for everyone.


One of the main focuses of the Rackspace Community is to #behelpful. The beauty of a community is that we can leverage our collective expertise to help everyone. We encourage all members to work together in addressing issues, questions, and giving us feedback on how we can make the Community a better place.

Staying on topic

We want to have fun in the Community and we encourage you to express yourself, but let’s keep the posts relevant to the areas or topics on the Community. SPAM, commercial messaging, marketing materials, or content protected by copyright, trademark, or other rights don’t have a place in the Community.

Being safe

We want the Community to be a place everyone can feel safe.  Do not post links to sites that contain viruses or malicious software. Do not post anything that violates the law. Keep your personal information “personal”. Remember these are public forums and not private communications or a ticketing system to support.  Only share details you feel comfortable exposing to Google and the rest of the web.

Behaviors we discourage:

Pretending to be someone you are not

Please do not impersonate another person or legal entities. Doing so may get you suspended or banned from the Community.  

Making other Community members uncomfortable

We hope you get connected to other Community members and even make some new contacts; however, invading boundaries of another Community member in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable is frowned upon here and may result in getting suspended or banned.

Flaming towards a product, another member, or ranting your personal preferences

We know that sometimes people get upset and there are times when you are going to want to scream and yell because of something that happened or because something didn’t work right.  We want to keep this community fun and helpful.  If you feel that one of our products is missing a feature or could do something better, then feel free to provide that feedback on our public feedback page. If you are having an issue within your account that requires you to provide private information to fix, then please contact your support team for assistance.

Advertising links/products in the Community

We know that there are a lot of websites out there than can help our users solve their problems. However, we also know that there are sites that don't provide value to the conversations in our Community. We encourage users to share links that can help us all look good in our jobs, but we also want to keep the forums clean of spam or harmful links. If you see a link that looks suspicious, then please report the post so one of our moderators can review it. If you decide to post something in the Community that isn't relevant or is advertising for other sites, then you run the risk of having the post removed and your account getting suspended or banned.

Terms and Disclaimers:

Terms and Conditions

All users must accept our Community Use Agreement when signing up.

No Warranties

Be aware that all advice here is given freely and does not represent Rackspace. For full details on the legalities please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page in the white box.

Public Information

When engaging in the Community you agree that Rackspace has the right to store and use your comments for educational and/or marketing purposes. Ways we may use your content include, distributing, republishing, reproducing, changing or displaying the comments on this site or in any other form or forum.

You Are Responsible for Your Actions

This Community was developed to give you a voice to assist and get assistance from other individuals just like yourself. Please communicate in a friendly and responsible manner.