Better Together

Each community member brings his or her own unique experiences, skills, and strengths. By asking and answering questions we offer our insight and draw on the strengths of others in the Community.   

When you have a question you may want to start by using the search feature to find useful forum posts. This will search against all of the threads in the Community, but you can also expand the search to include our other self service channels.

If the results didn't contain the desired content, then post your question to the community. We have a very active forum and there are many members out there looking to #behelpful who might answer your question. 

Asking questions

1. Start with generating a new post in the forum that relates to your question.

2. Select whether your post is a question or a discussion. You'll want to select "discussion" when you are posting to share information to the community

3. Create a good subject line. Remember to think of those in the community who will read this question later. Communities end up with a lot of threads with subject lines that say "help" or "problem with X"  Be specific with your questions so that someone searching or browsing later will benefit. A good subject line also has a better chance of getting answered as those browsing will engage with something they find more interesting.

4. Post your question, provide as much information as you can, share images and screen grabs, or even videos!  The more information you provide the better it will be for those who want to help answer the question. Always remember to tag your post as well to help those later find your question when they are searching.

4. Once you post your question, it will be in "un-answered" status.  Other community members just like yourself will assist in answering your question.  Once you get just the response you were looking for be sure to give credit and mark the question as answered.


Answering Questions:

For a community to be successful, everyone has to participate.  It's a ask questions you should also answer some and help other community members, the more people we have doing this the more successful and diverse our community will become!

1. While browsing forums if you come across a question to which you know the answer, reply to the post and select "Suggested Answer".  A moderator or the OP, Original Poster, will have the opportunity to confirm your answer

2. Who knows there may even be some sort of karma in it for you.  If you are truly karma hungry sort by unanswered questions using the Unanswered tab.