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General Awareness | Symantec SSL Mistrust by Google

On 8 August 2017, Google declared an intent to mistrust Symantec SSL certificates issued before 1 December 2017. The impact of the mistrust action is those sites secured by Symantec SSL certificates issued before this date will be reflected as "insecure" in browsers for both Google and Firefox, presenting security warnings to end users visiting the sites. More information is available here: Symantec Webpage.

Rackspace recommends customers reach out to their certificate provider to determine if any of the certificates you have in place today are affected by this mistrust action.  The solution requires that new certificates be reissued and reinstalled on any web servers, load balancers, firewalls, or other related network or security devices currently using affected certificates.

Because the next browser releases will be deployed via First Beta in mid-September 2018 and in Stable Release during October 2018, it is critical to review all SSL certificates, and install any necessary replacement certificates.