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Selecting a managed hosting provider


We are looking for a high-end provider for our managed hosting needs. This provider must provide high levels of support (we don't have enough of an IT staff to handle even system maintenance at this point), and would like a provider that can help us with system configuration needs along with security. The provider also must be properly certified for SAS 70 Type II and provide a HIPAA compliant SLA.
Currently we are looking at three potential providers. Rackspace, NeoSpire and Colocube. I am personally familiar with Rackspace and have been quite happy with them in the past (until this time, where I'm having some issues with the sales guy, their support has always been spectacular), but I know very little about the other two.
Can anyone give me any feedback about these? Or do you have experience with other HIPAA providers that you would like to gush about?

Any help will be apprecited.

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