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Information Regarding CVE-2016-5696

Former Member
Former Member
Security issues are constantly evolving, and new vulnerabilities surface which may need to be addressed to keep our customers protected. Rackspace constantly monitors for these vulnerabilities and works to resolve issues without affecting the customer’s environment to every extent possible. We regularly update our community site with details about vulnerabilities and (other important information) related actions for customers at  
We have investigated the potential impact of a newly released vulnerability which could impact TCP connections to the server, CVE-2016-5696.  More information on the vulnerability is available via the following links:
We recommend you update your Linux kernel as soon as your OS vendor provides an update that addresses this vulnerability.  The current updates provided by vendors are below: 
As more updates are released, we'll update this list.
As a best practice, we strongly recommend that you update your solution with recommended vendor patches, and utilize SSL for all communications both to and from your servers.  This practice will mitigate many serious vulnerabilities, including attacks via this particular CVE.