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Flip Feng Shui

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Former Member
Security issues are constantly evolving, and new vulnerabilities surface which may need to be addressed to keep our customers protected. Rackspace constantly monitors for these vulnerabilities and works to resolve issues without affecting the customer’s environment to the extent possible. 
We are investigating the potential impact of a newly released vulnerability: Flip Feng Shui. Rackspace is investigating the reach and impact of these vulnerabilities. More information is available via the following links: 
There is no action needed by our customers at this time. Any customers that are impacted by Rackspace remediation efforts will receive a direct communication via ticket or otherwise be contacted by their support team. 
  • Former Member
    Former Member over 2 years ago

    Upon further investigation, we have identified that no action related to the “Flip Feng Shui” vulnerability is needed at this time. Should future developments necessitate corrective action, we will directly notify and work with affected customers to address the issue.