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Upgrade Ubuntu from 16.04 to 18.04: BEWARE!

today i tried the upgrade on one of my servers.

it was a nightmare. in the end, after 3 hrs, the system "was" upgarded to 18.04, but root was not able to reboot. issue with systemd. and a reboot from the RS panel broke the system.
"ubuntu failed to mount early API filesystem, freezing"

i opened a help ticket. after 1 hour the no-longer-fanatical support told me just this: "eh! do not upgrade operating system on a cloud server! instead, create a new one with the OS wished, then migrate the data. for now, you can fix the issue by resotring a previously saved image".

foolish, as i managed servers for my private amusement, not for public. As I was free to stop services for hours to migrate data and reassign ip address from / to dozen of sites.

do not upgrade to ubuntu 18.04.

for me, if i'll decide to follow the fanatic advice, then i'll start the new instance on amazon instead. migrate for migrate, it worth to change home.