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cluster.quorum-type not performing as expected


as by my understanding of the documentation, for replicated volumes if cluster.quorum-type is set to auto at least ceil (n/2) number of bricks need to be up to allow writes,  where n is the replica count.In addition, for auto, if the number of bricks that are up is exactly ceil (n/2), and n is an even number, then the first brick of the replica must also be up to allow writes

i have a volume of replica 2 and consisting of 2 bricks, when i set cluster.quorum-type = auto and i stop the first brick. the fuse clients cannot even mount the volume, while i expect to be able to mount it but as read-only

if i set cluster.quorum-type = fixed and cluster.quorum-count=2 and i stop any of the 2 bricks, also the clients cannot mount the volume.

am i misunderstanding something here?

gluster version : 4.1

thanks for your help