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where do I find and set the report name for an .rdl file for SSRS?

Where do I find and set the report name for an .rdl file for SSRS? I think I should describe this question in detail.  I am not talking about the file name of the .rdl file.  The Database Manager who I have tasked with testing my first go with an SSRS report has emailed me:

"Would you please specify a report name (not DefaultReport) and the connection string that you are using?  We will have to connect the deployed report to a data connection.  Once deployed, we will send you the URL."

Maybe he means that I should name the file something other than DefaultReport.dll, or maybe there is a field somewhere that I can somehow set.  Is that the case/  I opened up the file in XML format and found at the start of the file an XML tag for <Report> and so I added a field for "Name=..." there, but when I tried to display the file in "Design" mode, the visualizer threw an error and complained that "Name" was not a viable element for the "Report" item.

Please advise.