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Webmail Issues

1. The Search Indexing ideas is bad. Email users want it works like any other Search box without having to wait for the indexing to take place. Also, on and off, search return 'empty' result for all keywords, then you need to contact support for a behind-the-scene re-indexing.

2. No Conversion View. Don't think we are going to get this anytime soon. Rackspace has no intention to improve this either.

3. Mailboxes use to start with 10MB, then upgrade to 100MB and then to 1GB and then to 25GB. Then it stops here. It has been a while user are stuck in maximum of 25GB unless they switch to Exchange.

4. Spam attack is relatively more higher compare to other email servces a par. Many malicious link manage to get through. Many attack are specically targetted at Rackspace. Do something.