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Rackspace public cloud: network config for eth0 unexpectedly changed to DHCP after upgrading RHEL/CentOS 7

Known issue:

Upgrading to RHEL/CentOS 7.4, then rebooting causes eth0 configuration to change to DHCP (breaking network connectivity).

Confirmed not affected:

RackConnect v2 servers

Checking if your server is affected:

Rackspace public cloud servers with a directly-attached public IP and Rackconnect v3 public cloud servers are likely to be affected. Run the command: 

cat /var/run/cloud-init/result.json

You can tell whether or not you are affected by the result of this command.


  "v1": {
    "datasource": "DataSourceNone",
    "errors": []

Not affected:

{   "v1": {     "datasource": "DataSourceConfigDrive [net,ver=2][source=/dev/xvdd]",     "errors": []   } }


The cloud-init application is looking for a datasource and Rackspace does not provide one by default. The fix for this is easy to do and you do not have to downgrade the package.


If you haven't rebooted yet, run the following command:
echo -e 'network:\n  config: disabled' >> /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/10_rackspace.cfg
This will stop cloud-init from wiping your eth0 configuration on reboot.

If you rebooted already and networking is down:

You can quickly recover networking by adding a Cloud Network to the server or by doing a reset network API call. The reset-network call is not available via the mycloud portal, only via the API. The easiest way to use the API is with the unofficial GUI API tool, Pitchfork. 

After you recover networking:

Be sure to apply the solution listed in the "Solution" section. Otherwise, rebooting will break networking again.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to follow up in the forums or open a support ticket!


Brian K
Cloud Virt Engineer II, RHCVA, CCNA
Rackspace Support



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