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Creating An Account With Rackspace

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Rackspace is the world’s #1 Managed Cloud Company. However, we didn’t get there by just focusing on providing support to servers. We have a wide reaching and robust portfolio that allows for our customers to create a solution unique to the needs of their business. Below, I am going to highlight a few of the common entry points that our customers use to start their journey with Rackspace.


Website/Application Hosting Solutions

Managed Public Cloud

Managed Public Cloud is a great place to start for many businesses looking to bring their workload into the cloud. All of our hosting options in the public cloud are scalable and come with access to 24x7 Fanatical Support. There are multiple tiers of support to match your support need and budget. All new public Cloud accounts go through a 60 day onboarding process with Rackers whose sole focus is to help you get online quickly. You can learn more about our onboarding milestones in the Getting Started forum

Click here to get started with Rackspace Public Cloud solutions or learn more by asking a question in our Open Cloud forum. You can also significantly decrease the amount of time you spend on getting your configuration setup by using our Orchestration Templates. There are some popular ones talked about here in the Community, so I encourage you to try them out!

Hybrid Hosting, Private Cloud, Big Data, Ecommerce, and anything else not already covered above…

As previously stated, Rackspace has solutions that will help with a wide breadth of business needs. This includes hybrid hosting (cloud + dedicated), Private Cloud (VMWare, OpenStack, Microsoft Cloud Platform), Big Data, and much more. Due to the large number of possible combinations, we recommend contacting our sales team when wanting to discuss how all these technologies can be combined to empower your business. 

Feel free to call a member of our sales team at 1-855-835-6215 to discuss how we can help. You can also send a request through our contact form. There are also a number of forums to which you can post questions that address some of these technologies:

Email and Productivity Solutions


MailGun is an API-based solution for integrating mail functionality into your application or website. Rackspace Public Cloud customers automatically get an account and 50,000 free emails per month. MailGun makes it easy to send, receive, and track your emails without the fuss of setting up a mailer process within your configuration. 

Click here to get started with MailGun solutions or learn more by asking a question in our Email Products forum.

Rackspace Email, Email Archiving, Hosted Exchange

If an API-based mail solutions isn’t what you need, then there are still plenty of options that Rackspace has available to help you remove the burden of administering your own email. Rackspace Email allows for you to provide mail to your organization at a very affordable price point. If you need the functionality of Exchange but don’t want the headache of running an exchange server, then you can use our Hosted Exchange. All email services come with 24x7 access to Fanatical Support, so you can spend less time dealing with email and more time growing your business. 

Click here to get started with one of our Rackspace email solutions or learn more by asking a question in our Email Products forum.

Fanatical Support for Office 365

Nowadays, there are a lot of different application suites that allow for you to facilitate collaboration within your organization. Rackspace is proud to support Office 365. Office 365 combines the power of Sharepoint, Exchange, and Office Online to help you work more efficiently. 

Click here to get started with Office 365.


Rackspace even has a solution for you in-case you need Sharepoint, but don’t need all of the features available in the Office 365 platform. Rackspace is the largest SharePoint hosting provider outside of Microsoft, so let our world-class Sharepoint Engineers can help you develop a solution that will scale with the needs of your business.

Click here to get started with Sharepoint solutions or learn more by asking a question in our Applications forum.