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Requirement of Mail Server and Calendar Task Management

We are a team of 7 people. We are in business of web based solutions. We are managing multiple websites . We are having official email id on each websites separately. For example,, etc. We want a centralized place where can collect all emails in different mailboxes. For example we will keep as our main email account. When I open it, I want to get all the mails of, at single place. Which should be divided into different folders. Along with it will be better if we can also add emails from Yahoo, Hotmail & Gmail.

The second thing we need is a Calendar system. For example there will be a single calendar of our company. Our Boss will add task in the calendar and assign to all the members with regular notification on the assignment. He should be able to check the progress of Task assinged to different members. The task assigned must be visible on the main company calender as well as on the calender of members.

All this should be accessible through web browser so that we can view that on any platform. But if there is a better interface available for Smartphone, Tablet, etc then it will be more better. Integration of Outlook will be added benefit.

We found similar features in SmarterMail. Does Rackspace has better than this.

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