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Contributor of the Month

Even though he’s been it at for over a month, we want to recognize Racker Bill Hertzing for his continuing contribution to our Getting Started forum in our Support Community. Since the start of June, Bill has authored 7 articles in this forum alone, including a series of Control Panel walkthrough videos showing our Cloud Customers how to get around the Cloud Control Panel, how to manage their account, and how to spin up a Cloud Server - among other tips.

Bill is a long-time member of the Cloud Launch Team, and has helped countless customers get off to the right start with Rackspace through one-on-one consultation with his customers. We thank Bill for sharing the benefit of all of those lessons learned with the greater community as a whole. Thanks for everything, Bill!

More Highlights

Bill wasn’t the only one contributing to the Community this month; check out these other great contributions from July:

  • Racker Adam Bull contributed an article helping to clear up some of the confusion about using Cloud Backup, Cloud Server Images & Cloud Files as a means of backup. Adam is the April 2016 winner of our Community Elite award - a designation for Rackers who contribute above and beyond to our support community.

  • Rackers Manish Tomar and Jan Pokrzywinski provided multiple suggestions for Automating Cloud Server Images process. As Community Managers, we love seeing our Community used to not just find an answer, but to continue to engage and refine the solution that best fits a customer’s unique situation.

  • Racker Rory Hinnen with three great Cloud Sites articles, Moving a Site to a different sub-account; another article on basic troubleshooting for IIS Sites; and a great write up on HSTS and Cloud Sites. Rory’s been writing some great content - almost more than we can keep up with.

  • Community member Gareth Stephens entered the Community with a question about an updated Fedora kernel not being used, found the answer on his own, and then shared that answer with the rest of the Community. The Community Team loves to #BeHelpful for our customers. We love it even more when they’re helpful to others on their own. Thanks for sharing that info with the whole Community, Gareth!

  • Racker Aaron Davis took the time to craft an article based directly off of his support experience: SMB shares moving traffic on PublicNet and ServiceNet. A big shout-out to Aaron who recognized a trend, documented it, and shared the solution with our community. For this work, and much, much more, Aaron won our June 2016 Community Elite award! Thank you, and congrats, Aaron.

Out and About with the Rackspace Community

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