Rackspace will be retiring the DNS records for cloud-ips.com and cloud-ips.co.uk. This change will impact any customers using these forward records to access their servers, either through using the "*.static.cloud-ips.com" records or by creating a CNAME records from their domain to those records.

To avoid any service interruptions when the DNS zones and records for cloud-ips.com and cloud-ips.co.uk are retired, we are advising you to review your DNS configurations and ensure that you are not using these records for accessing your servers.

• If you find that you are using them, we suggest you add the corresponding A record to your domain, rather than using the A record in the cloud-ips.com and cloud-ips.co.uk domains.

For assistance, please see our DNS API, which provides a simple programmatic way of doing this:http://docs.rackspace.com/cdns/api/v1.0/cdns-devguide/content/overview.html

Thank you,


Rackspace Linux Admin II