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Deleting of Stacks with attached storage

Good afternoon,

I've recently been working with the Support personnel and wanted to post this to the feedback forum. I've been working with the ONAP Rackspace templates provided by the ONAP team. These templates create all the required Servers and Storage, and can be created with one command. However deletion takes a lot more than one command.

Stacks are meant to be Templates of complex applications that can be auto-provisioned across multiple servers. When a Stack is built, the user often does not know the intricacies of the underlying hardware such as mount-points, UN/PWs, and system resource allocation, etc. Building a "Stack" has been simplified for convenience purposes, and can often be installed as a one-click (or one-command) install.

As a critical design feature, if something is able to be created in a very simplistic manner (with one command or one click), then it needs to be able to be deleted in a similarly easy manner. There is a "Delete Stack" button, however if the template created and attached storage to the server, the deletion errors out and does not delete the stack, causing users to incur (possibly) hundreds of dollars of charges that would not have been incurred if the "Delete Stack" button had actually deleted the Stack as it is intended to do.

I do understand the nature of the problem: Servers can not be deleted without unmounting the attached storage. In normal operations (when not using stacks) this may even be considered a safety or security feature. However, in this case, it would be considered a bug since it causes an Error in the expected results of Stack deletion. To create the ONAP stack, I only had to issue one-command, but in order to delete it, I have to perform the following actions:

1. Reset the Root passwords on each server

2. Login to each server individually

3. Locate the mount location of the attached storage

4. Unmount the storage from each server

5. Delete the Server

6. Delete the Storage

To install the Stack, it took me 2 min. To delete the Stack took over an hour (mostly to figure out what was mounted on every server).

I wanted to bring this up to encourage Rackspace, if technically feasible, to find a solution to this problem for future users. Thanks for your help and appreciate doing business with Rackspace.