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Firewall Manager v2 beta - Feature Requests

I've been testing the Firewall Manager v2, and we cannot use it for our day to day administration due to missing features. If the only option was the v2 beta, we'd be in trouble due to loss of existing functionality.

The biggest issue is the search function. It only searches the currently loaded page of rules. It will not return results that are not visible on the current page. Unfortunately, this is a non-starter for our workflow. We need to search existing rules several times a day in order to verify, update, and remove ACEs. The existing firewall manager allows us to quickly search and locate rules in order to manage the firewall. The beta requires me to click through 40 pages of rules and search each one. I have not found a way to display all rules on a single page, which would present a possible work-around for the search limitation.

The second issue presents a lesser problem, but it still greatly impacts our workflow. The original firewall manager allows a user to quickly copy an existing rule without having to completely re-create a policy step by step. I have not found a way to do this with the v2 beta. Thus far, I've had to click through every step of the wizard to create a new entry with 90% identical information to existing policies. This takes quite a bit longer and adds up throughout the day.

Otherwise, I like the firewall manager v2. I find the expanded feature set to be quite helpful. I would like to be able to use it for day to day administration but at this time I cannot. We still very much rely on the original firewall manager for day to day administration of our firewall.

Jared Ange
Network and Systems Administrator
Education Management Systems, Inc