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Booting a server from a volume


I was looking for a way to create a server and have it booted from a CBS volume that I prepared earlier from a snapshot.

The closest documentation I could find is  "Boot a server from a Cloud Block Storage volume" ( , but it misses the option in the server creation screen in the control panel  of selecting "Bootable Volume"  in "Image Type" selection.


  • Hello roywr,

    Thanks, it looks like that documentation is a little out of date. I will work on updating it.

    Are you still having problems building a bootable volume server from image? Note that the source image must be 127GB or smaller, or you will not be able to use it to launch a bootable volume server.

    If you have additional questions or concerns, please open a ticket for Rackspace Support.


    Brian K
    Cloud Virt Engineer II, RHCVA, CCNA
    Rackspace Openstack Public Cloud