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Configuring SQL Server Web Edition - Question regarding RS Cloud Server & CPUs, etc.

Good afternoon,

I am wondering if we can get some assistance or insight on configuring SQL on our RackSpace Cloud Server, running SQL Web Edition.

Our Cloud Server is a '30GB Memory v1' Flavor machine. This came with the 4 vCPUs. They present themselves in Windows as 4x Separate CPU Sockets, each with 1 Core. We see the same presentation running a utility like CPU-Z as well.

As far as configuring SQL goes, we think we are understanding this correctly, but does anyone see anything wrong with our config, based off this flavor of machine we chose? Any additional insight is appreciated.

SQL Configuration Parameters: (Based off our machine flavor/specs, and what is presented to the OS and SQL, does this seem correct?)


NUMA Node: 4
Physical CPUs: 4
CPU Sockets: 4
Cores: 4
Logical Processors:  4


We are assuming we want to configure SQL to align with what the OS is seeing. Not sure if we should be doing things differently in the RackSpace environment.

The main item that is troubling us is the 'Numa Node' entry. Not sure if we should be configuring as 1, 4, or something else.

Thanks all!