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Understanding when CRON starts (to set up Weekly CRON job)

A bit frustrated that Rackspace Cloud Sites doesn't have a weekly option for CRON jobs.  Now I'm trying to figure out why a CRON that was supposed to start at 11:30pm tonight executed at 11:30pm last night.

At 2:30 am last Sunday I set up a CRON job to run every 7 days at 11:30pm.  I thought it would run that Sunday but it waited until the next Saturday at 11:30pm to run.

So what's the trick?  If I want something to run on a certain day, is there some way for me to know what time during the day I need to set a task to run every 7 days for it to run every 7 days the following week on that day?

Again, very frustrating to set up because I have to literally wait a week to see if this is working.