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Newbie here...Please help

Hello everyone,

I am jackson Levi,I am new to this forum.I am responsible for actualizing an email framework for the smallish business I work for. The business is about Cryptocurrency digital advertising. We right now utilize Rackspace and have 12 post boxes for 10 workers. Two of those are shared. Rackspace is causing me significant migraines in their adamant refusal to help more than one "regular individual" getting to a post box at one. Strange things are occurring with our common post boxes (got to at the same time by each of the 10 of us through Thunderbird). Things like messages moving once again into the inbox after somebody filled them into a sub-organizer, banners vanishing, new messages appearing on one PC however not another, and so forth.Is this something which MailEnable could definitely solve? Or is IMAP mail not going to support this scenario no matter what?

Any help appreciated!!!

Thank you