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Ways to Improve SSL order process

We order Thawte certificates on behalf of our customers through RackSpace. The process could be improved.

1) The network device the SSL order is actually associated with is never in the list of options.

2) Renewal for DV certificates is too cumbersome. Does our end customer really have to involved in this?

3) Thawte often sends the certificate to the customer. There is no need of this and it only confuses them.

4) There is no way to denote that WE are ordering this on behalf of our customer. This causes confusion. The automated correspondence should better indicate as much. Avoid need for us to contact customer saying "you are about to get this weird email from rackspace/thawte, it's not a phishing attempt, you should actually follow the instructions."

5) Orders stall out when the customer does not reply to the 'confirmation' email. If not having received a response it would be nice if additional reminder emails were sent automatically.

Had one other but spacing out...

Thanks, Tom